Hunger Hike 2013 – Falls short of $90,000 goal

September 24, 2013

Dear Friend,

This is a good news/bad news letter.HH logo

The good news is that this year’s Greater Lafayette Hunger Hike, held last Sunday, was one of our most well-attended.  Eleven-hundred people participated, filling Riehle Plaza and the Wabash Heritage Trail for as far as the eye could see in either direction.  The hikers were energetic, engaged and enthusiastic.

There was great music, healthful exercise and thoughtful speeches that helped to raise awareness of hunger in our community in a fun and meaningful way.

The bad news is that Hunger Hike has fallen $30,000 short of its $90,000 fundraising goal for 2013.  It’s a goal that was attainable and that had been met and even exceeded in previous years.

Raising only $60,000 is a major disappointment.  Unless our full fundraising goal is met, and met soon, the consequences will be almost unthinkable.  Remember, revenue from Hunger Hike is divided each year among three hardworking organizations that fight each day in the battle against hunger and malnutrition.

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A shortage of $10,000 in the Lafayette Urban Ministry’s share of Hunger’s Hike’s proceeds will mean significant cuts in the numbers of hungry families and children served by the St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry.  Losing this revenue would mean having to reduce the number of days the pantry is open.

A shortage of $10,000 in the St. Thomas Aquinas Haiti Ministry’s share of Hunger Hike’s proceeds will mean 2,000 fewer drinking water purification units for the poor of Haiti – resulting in increased illness and risk of death among those served in Haiti by St. Tom’s.

A shortage of $10,000 in Food Finders Foodbank’s share of Hunger Hike’s proceeds will mean less food will be purchased and distributed to food pantries throughout mid-north Indiana.  Reductions in federal food programs and continued high unemployment are already stretching local food pantry resources to the breaking point.

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The situation is that serious.  That’s why we are extending fundraising efforts for the 2013 Hunger Hike for an additional two months – until December 1.  With your help, Hunger Hike 2013 can still reach its $90,000 fundraising goal and avert any drastic food and nutrition cuts to the needy.

Please join us in making a generous donation of $50, $100, $250, $500 or even $1,000 to Hunger Hike 2013.  Any amount you can give will make a difference.

If you have already contributed, walked in the Hunger Hike, or ran in the Hunger Hike 5K, we are so very appreciative of your effort.  Your special friendship and generous financial support are such an encouragement.   But this year, we hope and pray you will consider digging a little deeper and stepping further.

If Hunger Hike has inadvertently slipped your mind and you haven’t yet contributed, we ask you to consider making your donation now.

It seems that a weekend doesn’t go by anymore without a fundraising walk or 5K run for some important local cause.  But Hunger Hike is our community’s oldest and most respected fundraising walk, dating back to the early 1970’s. It has been a critical safety net to thousands of hungry children and adults – and it deserves our continued support.

Please help us to reach our full Hunger Hike goal so that our combined efforts to feed the hungry can continue without pause or interruption.  Place your gift in the enclosed envelope and return it today.


Joe Micon Signature

Joe Micon
Executive Director
Lafayette Urban Ministry

fr patrick signature

Rev. Patrick Baikauskas
St. Thomas Aquinas Center

ron smith logo

Ron Smith
2013 Hunger Hike

PS: Please help us to raise an additional $30,000 for Hunger Hike 2013. Help us to meet our fundraising goal and keep our commitment to those who are experiencing hunger.  Place your gift of $50, $100, $250, $500 or $1,000 in the enclosed envelope and mail it today.  Or, you may contribute online


How much should I donate? One helpful suggestion is to consider a donation equal to 10% of your monthly food budget or the cost of fast food meals for a month. To donate to Hunger Hike, click HERE.

Join LUM online and help us serve children and families even better.



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