Hunger Hike — Meeting with Media

2013-09-19 Hunger Hike Media Conference 005 (2)

In a media event last week, the coordinators of Hunger Hike announced the “bad news” and the plans to continue fundraising until December 1, 2013.

St. Thomas’ pastor, Fr. Patrick Baikauskas, shared that

“Hunger Hike is the single biggest source of funds for St. Tom’s Haiti Ministry. This shortfall will have a serious impact on our efforts, which is quite frankly unacceptable to our Haiti Committee. We save lives — countless number of lives— because of our efforts to bring them clean drinking water.”

It was the general consensus that the impact on Food Finders Food Bank, Inc. was concerning especially in light of the push in Washington to reduce federal funding for food assistance programs. Elected officials are expecting nonprofits like Food Finders and St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry to bridge the gap — and without the Hunger Hike funding it may not be possible to maintain let alone expand their programs.

Joe Micon, LUM executive director, urged the community to

“dig a little deeper — take a few more steps — and those who did not give yet have another chance — to make a difference in fighting hunger and malnutrition.”


Please help us to raise an additional $30,000 for Hunger Hike 2013. Help us to meet our fundraising goal and keep our commitment to those who are experiencing hunger.  How much should I donate? One helpful suggestion is to consider a donation equal to 10% of your monthly food budget or the cost of fast food meals for a month. To donate to Hunger Hike, click HERE.

Join LUM online and help us serve children and families even better.



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