Donate to the Lafayette Urban Ministry

LUM receives most of its financial support from individual gifts, member church contributions, and donations from church and civic groups and businesses. Gifts or pledges may be designated to any of LUM’s programs or contributed for the general support of the ministry.

Following is information about the many different ways and options for giving.


Make a convenient, safe and secure online donation with your credit card, debit card, or electronic check. You may designate a specific program or fund, or allow LUM to use your gift wherever it’s needed most. You may also designate your contribution as a special occasion or memorial gift by providing the necessary information in the comment box. You will receive a receipt/acknowledgment by e-mail. To make an online donation, just click HERE.


Help make LUM’s programs possible by giving generously. Contributions are appreciated at any time of the year. You may designate your gift for a specific program or fund, or allow LUM to use your gift wherever it’s needed most. Checks should be made out to Lafayette Urban Ministry and sent to the address at left. If you like to make a General Contribution, click HERE. . Thank you!


You may want to consider making your donation in several payments over the course of the year. You may make your payments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or some other schedule that fits your needs. This contribution method is considered part of our “Annual Fund” drive. If you would like to use the current Annual Fund pledge form, click HERE.


Pre-authorized monthly payments (PAMP) directly from your checking account to LUM are also available. Many donors have found this to be an easy and convenient way to contribute to LUM’s work. To make arrangements for PAMP, call LUM at (765) 426-2691 and ask for the Business Manager, or click HERE.


The Endowment for LUM Programs supports local children and families both now and in the future. Gifts made to the endowment are held in perpetuity while income is used to support LUM programs. During estate planning, please consider a gift to the Endowment for LUM Programs. For more information contact Joe Micon by phone (765) 423-2691 or e-mail


  • Remember that special person’s birthday or anniversary by giving a gift to LUM.
  • Say “Merry Christmas” to a loved one by giving a gift to LUM in their name.
  • Suggest to your colleagues at work that rather than exchanging holiday gifts, everyone might contribute to a group “office gift” to LUM.
  • Help someone’s memory live on through helping the lives of others by sending a memorial gift to LUM.

When you make a special occasion or memorial gift, please provide LUM with the name and contact information of the designee and we will send an appropriate acknowledgment letter. Thank you.

Jesus said “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Here at the Lafayette Urban Ministry we take those words seriously. We know that offering homeless people food and shelter and lightening their loads is the first step to helping them build better lives. But we also know it’s only a first step. That’s why LUM offers 23 innovative programs of service, self-help, and social justice advocacy. But the kind of help provided by LUM doesn’t happen automatically, and it won’t happen without your support. We hope you’ll help this important work to continue by giving generously. Please consider the various giving options and find the one that best fits you. Your gifts will help make a difference for the men, women, children and families served by LUM.


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